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Personal information

Jamaludin Yaakob

Address Office
Quantity Surveying Department
Faculty of Built Environment
81310 UTM Skudai
Tel : 07-5530654
Fax : 07-5566155
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Tel : 07-5515452


Academic Qualification 

LL.M Construction Law (Reading) 1992
LL.B (IIU) (Honours) 1987


Working Experience  

1988 … Lecturer
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
1987 – 1988 Development/Training Officer
Prime Minister Department
1980 – 1983 Assistant Development
Urban Development Authority
1997 – 1980 Clerk
Malayan Banking Berhad


Teaching Experience

My teaching experience began when UTM first recruited me as an Assistant Lecturer ‘A’ in the month of February 1988. Three years thereafter, in 1991, I went to pursue my master degree in Reading University, United Kingdom. I was promoted to Lecturer when I graduated with the LL.M Construction Law 1992.

Courses Taught

The courses that I normally teach are those that involved law or legal matters, particularly construction law and contract in Quantity Surveying and Construction Programmes, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Specifically the courses are:

Undergraduate Level
SBQ 2514 Legal Study I
This course introduces students to basic Malaysian legal system, the law of contract and tort. This course sets the basic legal knowledge for them to better able to take on the other legal courses. It is a precondition course for them to take Legal Study II and Legal Study III courses.
SBQ 3514 Legal Study II
This course enhances students understanding of the terms in construction contracts.
SBQ 3522 Legal Study III
The main content of this course relates to land law, the primary law relating to land development law. The other laws include in this course are planning, environmental, conveyancing and arbitration.
SBC 3363 Construction Safety

My input in this course is only in relation to the legal aspect of construction safety: the legal duties and liabilities of employers (as contractors) with respect to safety and health of workmen carrying out work at construction sites.

BPD 2032 Building Law
Kolej Universiti Teknologi Tun Hussein Onn (as it was then) engaged me on contract basis to give lecture on this course under  Bachelor Degree in Technology Programme.
SMS 5622 Amalan Ikhtisas
This is a course under BSc Architecture Programme, FAB, UTM. My input was limited to introducing the various laws and legal principles relating architect professional practices.  
SBEQ 4862 Land Law
This course provides students with the knowledge and understanding of the concepts and legal principles of land tenure and land administration in Malaysia. It focuses on principles of land law, compulsory acquisition of land by the government, strata title, and conveyancing. This course also provides the platform to develop students’ communication skill and effective team work.  
SBEC 2423 Contract Administration
This course covers the study of the standard forms of building contract commonly used in Malaysia( PWD/JKR 203 & 203A, PWD D&B Contract, PAM 2006, CIDB Form of Contract and FIDIC Form of Contract) their content, structure and usage. Its main focus is on understanding of the legal principles and the associated administrative practice and procedures of the terms and conditions (the clauses) laid down in the selected forms of construction contract (PWD203A Form of Contract and PAM Form of Contract). The course emphasises on the competency to carry out the process and procedure of administrating the contract in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. The course also provides the environment for students to further develop their inter-personal relationships, communication skills and team player in achieving organisational objectives.
Postgraduate Level (M.Sc. Construction Contract Management)
MBEG 1043 Law of Contract, Tort, Agency and Sale of Goods
This is a foundation course that sets the students’ basic knowledge on those laws those laws necessary for them to better able to follow the more specialised construction contract law and arbitration.
MBEG 1053 Land, Planning and Environmental Law
This is also another foundation course in this master programme. It provides students with the essential legal knowledge on laws relating to land development which is necessary for them to follow the discussion in the more specialised courses in the programme.
MBEG 1113 Arbitration
I share the teaching load with Assoc. Professor Dr. Maizon Hashim and invited speakers. My current modules are ‘arbitration proceedings’, ‘stay of court proceedings’ and ‘international arbitration’. I have also been responsible for other modules such as ‘setting aside arbitral awards’.
MBEG 1123 Alternative Dispute Resolutions and Adjudication
This is also a shared course with other lecturers. Currently my inputs are on ‘litigation’, ‘Mediation and conciliation’, ‘Dispute Review Board’ and ‘other methods’. I have also been made to give lecture on the ‘adjudication’ module.
MBG 1233 Construction Contract Procurement
This course discusses the major procurements methods normally used in carrying out construction contracts: traditional, design and build, management contracting, construction management, build-operate and transfer, private finance initiative and others. My input is only in relation to the contractual and legal basis of those methods.
MBEG 1033 Construction Contract Studies 1
This is also a foundation course that introduces students to the basic characteristics of construction contracts and standard forms of contracts. My modules include: basic characteristics of construction contracts, drafting of construction contracts, rules of interpretation of contracts formation of construction contracts, possession of site, site conditions and construction insolvency.
MBEG 1134 Construction Contract Studies 2
This is the core course of the programme. It discusses in detail the important clauses in construction contracts, their legal basis and issues.
MBEG 1143 Case Studies
This course covers the exercises to further enhance the students’ analytical and creative thinking. It also prepares them with the basic knowledge on legal research methodology. It involves literature review, presentation and group discussions. Students will be given articles or monographs taken from journals, books, magazines and other literature to be critically reviewed, presented and discussed. They will also be handed out to search for legal cases to studied and discussed.


Research Supervision

I supervise Projek Sarjana Muda and Master Projects.

PBUA3AJA PhD Research (Second Supervisor)
Master MPhil Research (Second Supervisor)
SBEQ 4712 Research Method
SBEC 4712 Research Method
SBEQ 4724 Undergraduate Project
SBEC 4724 Undergraduate Project
MBEG 1176 Master Research Project



My area of specialisation is in the field of construction law and construction contract that also include dispute resolutions, procurement systems, and professional liability.


Courses Conducted 

Date Course
04 December 1994 Course : Kursus Kontraktor Berkualiti
Module: Tuntutan dalam pembinaan
Organiser : Dewan Perniagaan dan Perusahaan Melayu Malaysia, Cawangan Negeri Trengganu
25 – 28 July 2003 Course : Program Latihan Forensik Kejuruteraan Pembinaan; Module: Pentadbiran Kontrak Pembinaan
Organiser : Uni Technologies Sdn. Bhd.& Anti Corruption Agency (SPACE)
12 – 21 Feb. 2004 Course : Kursus Asas Kontrak Pembinaan
Organiser : Uni Technologies Sdn. Bhd.
07 October 2004 Course : Kursus Forensik Kejuruteraan Pembinaan BPR-UTM Module: Pentadbiran Kontrak Pembinaan
Organiser : SPACE, UTM & Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA)
25 April 2007 Course : Kursus Prosedur Perubahan Kerja
Organiser : Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru
18 – 19 May 2010 Course : Construction Contract Management
Organiser : Syarikat Air Johor


Contractors’ Design Liability under Conventional Procurement Method – master thesis for LL.M Programme (1992)



1) Ghost of Anns Revisited
2) Peraturan komunikasi penerimaan cara pos pada zaman elektronik


Seminar Papers

1) Jamaludin Yaakob, Performance bond in construction contract: problems with drafting and calling the bonds, Seminar on Issues on Non-Performance of Construction Contract, Rumah Alumni UTM Skudai, 26 February, 2005.
2) Jamaludin Yaakob, Chai Voon Chiet, Ezlina Mohd Ahnuar and Chu Hui Chen, Liability of contractor relating to defective works, Workshop on Construction Contract Management Practices, Dewan Senat, UTM Skudai, April 2006
3) Jamaludin Yaakob, Lee Xia Sheng, Tony Ang Su Sin, Wong Yuen Hwa and Yow Kah Lun, Risk Allocation in procurement systems, Workshop on Construction Procurement Practice: Legal and Ethical Issues, UTM Skudai, 29 March, 2006
4) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rosli Abdul Rashid and Jamaludin Yaakob, Profiling construction disputes for strategic construction contract management, A Seminar on Current Issues in Construction Contract & Dispute Resolution, UTM City Campus, 27 October 2007
5) Assoc. Prof. Dr Rosli Abdul Rashid, Dr. Nur Emma Mustaffa and Jamaludin Yaakob, Contractor’s claims against Contract Administrator, Workshop on the Current Issues on Construction Contract Management, UTM City Campus Kuala Lumpur, 05 April 2008
6) Jamaludin Yaakob, The new 2006 PAM form of contract – the significant changes, Workshop on Current Issues on Construction Contract Management Practices, 25 October 2008, Dewan Galeri Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, Kuching.
7) Jamaludin Yaakob, Contractor’s remedies for non-payment, Workshop on Current Issues on Construction Contract Management Practices: payment problems in construction industry and the remedies, UTM International Campus, Kuala Lumpur, 03 April 2010



  • Examiner for Institution of Surveyors, Malaysia (Quantity Surveyors Division) Professional Entry Examination (Intermediate and Direct Entry).
  •  Penilai Pakar Bidang Anugerah Penerbitan Universiti 2005 – Anugerah Editor Terbaik
  • Panel Penilai Kertas Kerja ‘International Conference on Construction Industry’ (ICCI) 2006, organised by International Islamic University Malaysia.



  1.  Pencapaian Cemerlang Dalam Pengajaran, 2003
  2. Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang 2004