PAM ZSR Architecture Prize 2016

The PAM ZSR ARCHITECTURE PRIZE 2016 is an annual award open to all architecture students from all Malaysian Schools of Architecture accredited with the Malaysian Board of Architecture (LAM) Parts I and II. The award ceremony was held at the New PAM Centre in Bangsar Kuala Lumpur on Thursday 9 March 2017. There were more than 130 applicants from all schools of Architecture in Malaysia. We are proud to announce that of the 11 finalists for the LAM Part 1 category 3 are from UTM . Out of the 4 Main winners who each received RM3000, 2 are from UTM. They are Rashidah bt. Jimi Sham who was supervised by En. Yusri bin Md. Ripin, and Yap Shook Yen who was supervised by Assoc. Prof Dr. Mahmud bin Mohd. Jusan. Yeow Yann Herng who was supervised by Dr. Doris Toe was the 3rd finalist who won RM500.

The PAM ZSR Architecture Prize was awarded after a stringent process of selection by a panel of jurors that not only included well known professional Architects but also Human Resource Managers from renowned organizations.  They not only looked at the students design works but in fact gave more emphasis to students personal traits.

For the LAM Part 2 category, 3 of the 8 finalists are from the Master of Architecture program in UTM. Yet again 2 of the 4 main winners who each received RM5000 are from UTM. They are Lam Chee Hau supervised by Assoc. Prof Dr. Dilshan Remaz, and Phuah Chu Yin who was supervised by Dr Khairul Anwar bin Mohd. Khaidzir. Geraldine Teoh Pei Lynn who was supervised by Ar Samsiah binti Abdullahalso won RM1000 as the 3rd finalist from UTM.