Assalam Alaykum …

ReadingGod’s first revelation in Qur’an is to read. Books should not be the only thing to read. Nature provides us things to read. So read “everything”. Books, nature and signs of The Most Powerful. Reading does not only improve our intellectual knowledge but also fill our spiritual needs.

Attend to what Qur’an says: … “Read, in the name of your Lord, who created” [96:1], and “Read, and your Lord, Most Exalted” [96:3]. The first revelation in Qur’an is not about “eating” but “reading”. Then read! whatever, whenever, wherever. Make reading becomes our habit.

My tasks here are … reading by researching and transforming “reading materials” from what I got from reading and researching process for the benefits of others. God provides us this universe as His “Capital Letter” and Qur’an as His “Small Letter”. Our critical mistake, as a Muslim Scholar, is more emphasizing our reading to God’s “small letter” while ignoring at large God’s “Capital Letter”. In contrary, Western Scholars do different ways. No wonder if most Noble Laureates are non- Muslim Scientists.

Let’s change our approach in gaining the knowledge by balancing our reading object of both God’s “small letter” (Qur’an) and “CAPITAL LETTER” (this universe, nature) through reading, researching, transforming and producing something useful for mankind.

Wassalam …

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